Workshop At Hongirana

  • June, 12th 2019

"Nature as our First and Best Teacher: Learning from Nature”. How biomimetics and natural phenomenon can be used to solve the toughest challenges or to develop unique technologies.

Science in its simplest form - experiment which forced the students to think. Activities encompassing chemistry, physics, materials science ranging from density of a material to Newton's laws of motion, including the philosophy of learning and team were focused.

Microscopy and Nanotechnology - experimentations were conducted on preparation of nano-materials using a chemical synthesis protocol. Training was also on usage of low-cost frugal paper microscope, i.e. the foldscope.

Ancient India Science and Technology – Focus was on civil engineering aspects, metallurgy, material science, mathematics and astronomy, cryptography, water conservation and agriculture. Vedic Maths knowledge was also shared among the students.

Arduino Applications in Robotics - Real experience in using microcontroller to monitor and control engineering processes